The clan was formed on the 9th of June, 2009, during the twilight seasons of competitive Battlefield 2142 in Australia.  The core founding members were Krak, Mischa, Paradox, and TeretZ, who came from a mix of clans including 45th Tigers and Ministry of Gaming. We all became good friends after a playing a season with Team Envision, and decided to form our own clan after it dissolved.  New recruits to form the core included Torque, Spazy, and XxXS3ThXxX.

              Finalist:     GameArena Open 8v8 Battlefield 2142 S5
            3rd Place:  GameArena Open 8v8 Battlefield 2142 S6
  2nd Place:    CyberGamer Open 8v8 BC2 Season 2
                        2nd Place:    CyberGamer Open 4v4 Squad Rush BC2 Season 2
             6th Place:     CyberGamer iM BF3 Invite Competition BF3
  3rd Place:     GameArena 16v16 Conquest BF3 S1
   1st Place:      FPS Fightclub 16v16 BF3 Tournament
     Finalist:         CyberGamer Open 8v8 BF3 Ladder S3
     Finalist:         CyberGamer Open 4v4 BF3 Ladder S3


1st Place:      Mwave 10v10 BF4 Tournament


The clan is currently managed by Mischa.

BF3 4v4 Squad Rush Captain:  Quick
BF4 5v5 Domination Captain:  Putto
BF4 10v10 Conquest Captains:  Krak^, Solemn.
BF4 16v16 Conquest Captain:  Mischa
America's Army Proving Grounds 5v5 Captain:  Divixion
CS:GO 5v5 Captain:  Chuwowsus

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