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Legionnaires is 9 Years old Today!

I never thought it would come this far but 9 years later we're still here. Through the many iterations of battlefield that have come and gone (BF2142, BC2, BF3, BF4) we have our 9th birthday on the eve of the release of BFV later in the year. We have come a long way from our beginnings in BF2142, changing and evolving as players, leaders and as a team, and so too has the game itself.

We played through the 'Golden Age' of competitive Battlefield gaming in Australia, which was BF2, BF2142 and BC2.  These once great battlefield 'giants' with massive communities and fanbases are just whispers in the wind now. Even the forums that recorded the goings on of these great events would be scarce in existence now.

We played through the 'Frostbite Age' of BF3 and BF4. Both solid games in their own right, but it took years to get these games into a state where gamers were happy with them and the attrition rate was very high. It seemed almost implausible that 2 years after release DICE would suddenly field an ESL competition for BF4 and commit to 4 seasons.....yet they did and Australia finally joined the global community of competitive battlefield players and competed on the world stage for the first time.  Legionnaires represented Australia twice during these events, and distinguished itself as being the first Australian team to defeat a European team at this competition. One of our proudest moments!

Enter the 'Console Age' that was BF1. These were dark times for us as we (and the rest of the BF PC community) found the game not suitable for competitive play and was not even fun to play in general. Our players would be lucky to log 50 hours each in this game, when they would normally log over 1000 in a BF game easily.

Where to from here?  As I write this the hype train for BFV is already gathering momentum.....bringing promise of support for competitive gamers and a return to the ways and classes of old, whilst ushering in lush new graphics, game mechanics and animations, all woven through a fabric of fluid netcode forged in hard learnt lessons from BF4 and BF1.

Lets hope they deliver.

We have many active players in our ranks.......veterans and young guns alike, with the talent and ambition to prove themselves on the world stage once again should the opportunity present, and hopefully it does.

Good Gaming,


MagiK a Lg will be here for years to come :) Thanks Mischa for all you have done for all of us. Without you there would be no Lg
X8ReaperZ Had no idea -Lg- where 9 years.
Crunchyy Looking forward to it! <3


After 7 years of service to us, Darkstar TS3 is closing its doors. This is also a good time to switch over to discord, which is what we'll do.  Link here:

Thanks Darkstar for all those years of great service. You got us through a lot of competitions and always had a backup server ready for when we got DDOS'd!

See you all on Discord,


Merry Xmas 2017!

Mischa77 a posted Dec 11, 17

Wishing all of our clan members and associates a Merry Xmas for 2017!

Lets hope 2018 brings something new and exciting for Competitive Battlefield!

Check out the new intro done for us by Gabe at Creative Grenade! Looks Great :)

MagiK a looks awesome

Merry Xmas for 2016!

Mischa77 a posted Dec 24, 16

Wishing all of our clan members and the rest of the Battlefield gaming community a Merry Xmas for 2016!

merry xmas

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