1. Legionnaire: You have been accepted as a clan member to serve the Legion faithfully and with honour in its gaming divisions.


2. Every Legionnaire is your brother-at-arms, irrespective of his nationality, race, age, or choice of game.  You will demonstrate this by an unwavering and straight forward solidarity which must always bind us together as members of the same clan.


3. Discipline and teamwork are your strengths, courage and loyalty are your virtues.


4. An elite soldier: You will train vigorously to improve your skills, and accept constructive criticism.  Become familiar with all aspects of the game, learning as much as you can from fellow members and any other sources you discover.


5.  A team player:  You will praise the skill of your team mates when they are doing well.  You will give encouragement and support to them when they are not.



As a clan member, you are expected to be reasonably active in clan forums, public servers and on Teamspeak.  We understand that everybody has real life commitments that generally take priority over online gaming.  Still, a reasonable level of commitment is required.  If you are going to be absent for a period of time, let a captain know what the situation is.

It is not the aim of the clan to take over people’s lives with gaming;  Many of our members have full time jobs, study commitments and even wives/girlfriends! Priority is given to these areas as required; keeping a healthy balance is key. Particular attention should be given to upcoming exams and looming assignment deadlines.  Clan members will be discouraged from gaming if it is known that they have exams to prepare for, or assignments to do.  The last thing we want is parents forbidding clan members to play online games because they are doing poorly at school.  Some of our members will even be able to assist you with your study.

Public servers

This is where clan members spend the majority of their time, and have the greatest exposure to the rest of the gaming community.  Bearing that in mind, your behaviour in public gaming servers should not bring the clan into disrepute.  The following rules need to be adhered to:

- Follow the server rules at all times.  No exceptions.  Do not come complaining to a captain about a being banned from a server because you broke their rules.

- Your clan tag identifies you as a member of our clan. Wear it whenever you play online.

- Do not initiate kick votes unless you have an exceptionally good reason for doing so.

Hacking/Smurfing/Stat Padding

Hacks:  The use of any form of hack or exploit is forbidden whilst you are a member of this clan.  Do not be tempted to use them; we have members in our ranks who will sniff you out very quickly.  If you are discovered to have used hacks whilst a member of the clan the penalty is an instant dismissal.

Smurfing:  Smurfing means substituting yourself for another player in a ladder match, such that you play under that persons alias or similar.  Clan members of active ladder teams are not permitted to engage in smurfing of any kind for that particular ladder.


As a clan member, you have the right to post on public forums of any kind as a representative member of  the clan. We trust you (sort of)Excessive swearing, abusiveness and trolling is not permitted.  Ignore taunts and baits, and direct these posts to a captain if necessary.


- Excessive swearing, abusiveness and rage is not permitted on the Legionnaire TS, or NGR Ventrilo server whilst representing  the clan.

- Be respectful to other channel users at all times.

- Make the effort to be friendly and talk to other clan members from different game divisions.

 Multiple Clans

Clan members are permitted to be a part of another clan in order to play competitively those games for which the Legion does not field a team.  Examples are BF2, WoW etc.

 Disciplinary Action

Legionnaires are seldom angels but never criminals.  If you are familiar with our clan already, or know any of our members you will know what this means. 

Disciplinary action is at clan managers discretion after consulting captains.  A misdameanor will usually get you a warning via a private chat with a captain and manager.  Serious breaches or repeat incidents will most likely cause us to remove you from the clan.  We value all of our clan members and give them every opportunity to improve their behaviour but we cannot afford to have serious trouble makers in our ranks, regardless of how good they are.  Don’t let it get to that.   The only exception to this rule is the use of hacks, which will get you an immediate dismissal.

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